Meet the Team


Nicole Bennett-Fite: Woman  (There’s a Cool Grass Shaking Your Thoughts)

Ben Bovee: Henry (Henry Dances with the Man)

Marly Carlisle: Helen (Sex on a Plane)

Matt Jeakle: Man (There’s a Cool Grass Shaking Your Thoughts)

Nishant Karandikar: Anuj (Toes)

Malaika Murphy-Sierra: Sasha (Toes)

Brady Richter: Martin (Sex on a Plane)

Dan Ruprecht: Airport Clerk (Sex on a Plane)

Brandon Silberstein: The Man (Henry Dances with the Man)

Matthew Tappert: Dimebag Darrell (Henry Dances with the Man)

Kirstin Wagner: Zeph (Henry Dances with the Man), Young Woman (Sex on a Plane)


Holly Dayton: Assistant Stage Manager (There’s a Cool Grass Shaking Your Thoughts)

Dana Edwards: Director (There’s a Cool Grass Shaking Your Thoughts)

Camilla Franklin: Sound Designer and Assistant Lighting Designer

Ariana Johnson: Production Stage Manager

Keegan Livermore: Assistant Producer

Elizabeth Knarr: Director (Sex on a Plane)

Raymond Maspons: Assistant Stage Manager (Toes)

Yash Saraf: Director (Toes)

Marty Semilla: Assistant Stage Manager (Henry Dances with the Man)

Jenna Shapiro: Assistant Producer

James Sherwood: Lighting Designer

Julia Starr: Producer

Sarah Tollman: Director (Henry Dances with the Man)

Kathy Woo: Technical Director and Master Carpenter

Charlie Yang: Set Designer

Aaron Zweig: Assistant Stage Manager (Sex on a Plane)