About the Plays

Henry Dances with the Man by Max Walker-Silverman

In this disorienting whirlwind of a one act, a mock sacrifice leads to a boy, Henry having to chase his girl through a nightmarish “dance” in which dream and reality loose definition. But at it’s center it is a simple tale of love and trying to find it. It is ambitious – conceptually as well as technically, and presents a challenge to everyone involved in its production. It would be a fascinating play to see come to life.

Sex on a Plane by Louis McWilliams

A man and a woman meet at an airport terminal when their flights are delayed. They strike up a conversation out of a mutual interest in Jennifer Lawrence, but all too quickly, are deeply involved in a conversation revolving around sexuality, desire, and fantasy…or are they?

There’s a Cool Grass Shaking Your Thoughts by Dana Edwards and Annalise Lockhart

“There Is A Cool Grass Shaking Your Thoughts” is a short play composed solely of randomly generated sentences. The emotional content of the play is the transforming relationship between two individuals. At times a romantic relationship, at times that of prisoner and prison guard, vagrant and savior, this experimental play explores the concept of poignant emotional truths emerging from seeming nonsense.

Toes by Yash Saraf

Contemporary realities conflict with the images we grew up wanting. Documenting the intimate conversations between Anuj and Sasha, the play is dialogue driven and plays on themes of love, career and identity.